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We believe not in labels, but in a house that is difficult to categorize. Although similar architectural elements may be used in various projects, there is not a particular style that we favor. Our homes are best described as an amalgamation of well-suited characteristics that create something truly unique.

– MacArthur Construction Company

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Smart design means building sustainably

A smart design, which uses all aspects of a house, assists in energy conservation. We constantly try to educate ourselves about current technologies and design principles available to make a home energy efficient and friendly to the environment while comfortable and healthy to live in.

We applaud the use of sustainable or recycled materials and certified forest products. Construction waste is recycled as much as possible.

We use sustainable materials whenever possible that help us lower the environmental impact of construction and living

About MacCoCo

Building and renovating homes since 1985

Taking advantage of natural light, having floor plans that flow comfortably and having little or no wasted space are influential in the design process.

We direct our attention to how one truly uses and lives in a home instead of building vast spaces that get lost in scale.